This is the end of ‘A Course in Autolysis’. I have a few notes that I want to share with you and then I’ll give you the two extra’s as promised.

autolyse-engBeing Done

If you believe you will be ‘done’ after doing Autolysis once then you’re mistaken (except in rare cases). The ego-mind — that what you think you are and what believes is you — will use everything you do to lull you into a new sleep and detain you in the ego-mind-prison.

To think and believe you are ‘awake’ and therefore free is not the same as being awake and free. The ego-mind does not care if you believe you are awake and free, for every belief is false and it just means you’re still asleep and trapped. You’ve now become an even easier prisoner because a prisoner who thinks he is free will not attempt to break out of jail.

You will have to keep on cutting away falsehoods, convictions, beliefs and assumptions until you really are ‘done’. Being ‘done’ is not something that you can know or explain intellectually, it is not a conclusion after finished work, it is a realization that comes over you. Suddenly you realize that you are ‘done’.

Always Further

The whole process can take years. It depends on the amount of ‘untruth’ that you have stored in your ‘body-mind system’. But it also matters how bad you want it; the serious intent to want to wake up is crucial.

Remember that you cannot force or accelerate it; it happens when it happens and not necessarily when you want it to happen. Have patience. If you really want it, if the serious intent is there, then it will happen.

Just always go further.

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