Below you will find books that I have experienced as helpful and ‘enlightening’, maybe they can also help you with your process.

boekenRecommended Literature

  • A Course In Miracles – Unknown/Jezus
  • Spiritual Enlightenment; the damnedest thing – Jed McKenna
  • Spiritual Incorrect Enlightenment – Jed McKenna
  • Spiritual Warfare – Jed McKenna
  • Theory of Everything – Jed McKenna
  • Dreamstate; a conspiracy theory – Jed McKenna
  • I Am/That – Nisargadatta Maharaj (or any other book by him)
  • Mind is a Myth – UG Krishnamurti (or any other book by him)

Additional Literature

  • The Presence Proces – Michael Brown
  • End Of Your World – Adyashanti
  • The Disappearance of the Universe – Gary R. Renard
  • Ramana Upanishad – Ramana Maharshi
  • The Open Secret – Tony Parsons
  • Love’s Quite Revolution – Scott Kiloby