Domestic Points

Basically this website is complete and whole in its content, but sometimes something changes or there are new insights or new methods that can be helpful. News about this will be published on the “News” page. For the more extensive website for PC and Laptop, go to and for more general information to: Dreamstate – Autolysis.

It is important to read the entire website from start to finish to draw the highest possible benefit from it. Of course you can click around at first, but when you decide to get started you really should go through the entire website chronologically.

Finally, an unnecessary but yet important remark: You came here voluntarily and you decide for yourself whether or not to work with the material; I cannot be held accountable for any positive or negative result.

If you run into a problem or get stuck while doing Autolysis and/or Self-examination, you can always ask me a question using the contact form.

I wish you success and a fascinating journey.

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