What Is This?

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This website is based on the insights of Jed McKenna, Nisargadatta Maharaj and A Course In Miracles, supplemented with what I myself experienced. It is based on the idea that the ‘thing’ we call reality is just an ‘illusion’.


To give you the opportunity to determine whether or not you are someone who wants to wake up from the dream state, and to keep the ‘success rate’ as high as possible, I have a number of things to say on the nature of the reality in which we believe to be living — let’s call them ‘parameters’ — and by doing so, I will automatically set the parameters of the dream state.

You don’t have to believe them, but it is important that you have read them and that you’re aware of them. As far as I’m concerned, the rest will be useless if you skip this part.

Here are the parameters, please read them carefully.

Truth Exists

Truth is that which is always invariably the same. It is that which is true for everyone always and everywhere under all circumstances. Truth is that which is, always has been and always will be, absolutely unchangeable.

I repeat:

Truth is that which is, always has been and always will be, absolutely unchangeable.

Let me clarify:

Everything that is changeable, which is one moment ‘this’ and the next ‘that’, everything that appears and disappears or is born and dies, is not truth.

To put it bluntly:

If it moves, shakes, vibrates or changes, it is not true.

Truth stands on its own, it has no opposite. Untruth is literally impossible because it is not true. Untruth is an absolute impossibility.

Let me rephrase:

Something that is untrue does not exist because it is untrue.

Personal truth — your truth, my truth — is not truth. That’s an opinion, an assumption, a conviction or a belief. Every opinion, assumption, conviction and belief is untrue in the absolute sense of the word. An opinion can change, an assumption may be wrong, a conviction may be overturned and we can move away from a belief or even lose it.

Truth is always truth. If it is not always the same truth it has never been truth and it never existed in the first place. Moreover, truth is always absolutely the same for everyone. Truth exists, untruth does not.

Everything is Illusion, Except Truth

Illusion is another word for untruth. We believe and assume that something is ‘true’ until proven otherwise, but every belief and assumption is false because it can potentially be proven false. If it can be proven false it is not the absolute truth and then it does not exist; and something that does not exist is an illusion.

What we accept as ‘true’ is only the illusory image we have of the existing reality. This illusory image is always potentially changeable because it is what we think, believe and assume it is and everything we think and believe and assume is always potentially changeable and everything that is potentially changeable is untrue.

Here on earth, in this universe, there is nothing that is absolutely unchangeable. This presents a problem. Truth is always unchangeable in all circumstances while everything in this universe is changeable.

Consequently everything in this universe is untrue and if it is untrue then it is an illusion and it does not exist. Moreover, the universe itself is always changing and this leaves us with the only possible conclusion:

The universe as we know, see and experience it and everything in that universe cannot exist.

What we see and experience is what our brain makes of it, it is never what it really is because we never have a direct experience. Everything is sent via our senses to our brain which is located in a dark braincase locked away from the outside world where our left and right hemispheres literally decide or ‘think’ what it is.

Our left hemisphere never agrees with our right hemisphere. The left is analytical and the right is creative and out of that chaos of disagreement it is impossible to observe a stable and objective truth. In fact, no truth whatsoever can be observed.

What we see and experience is the illusion of an outside world that has come about in our brain and that is the only thing we see and experience. Everything is an illusion, because our brain does not know what truth is and therefore it cannot see and experience truth without turning it into something it is not.

Life is A Dream

Life is like a dream, because the way we see and experience life is only the interpretation of our brain and our brain can only rely on what it has experienced and learned in the past. It’s all been distorted into something it is not.

At night, while sleeping, our brain constructs a story based on the events of the previous day and the life we have led until then. We call these stories ‘dreams’ and they are based on what the brain has experienced and learned so far.

The nighttime dreams seem very realistic and it seems like everything in that dream is really happening… until we wake up. Exactly the same happens during the day. What we see and experience during the day is the dream our brain creates based on what it has experienced and learned so far… until we wake up.

You can stay asleep and believe that the distorted images composed by your brain is the absolute true reality, or you can wake up and determine for yourself, regardless of the past or the future, what really is true reality.

What you cannot do is pretend that life is not a dream if you haven’t tried waking up. You cannot reject it without waking up and when you wake up you cannot but conclude it is a dream.

We Are Dream Characters

We are not what we believe or think we are. That what we think we are is the interpretation of our brain that constructs the illusion from a consensus between the left and right hemispheres. What we think and believe we are is literally a fabrication. We are the story that we convince ourselves to believe.

Note that ‘dream’ is just a word that refers to an event which is not really happening but of which we believe that it is actually happening. We need to take the word ‘dream’ in this context not too literally, we should see it as an ‘image’ or ‘symbol’ of something that apparently occurs.

We as individuals do not dream our own individual lives but we, as individuals, are a dream character in the dream. The misconception is that we believe we are a physically existing entity separate from everything around us and our apparent problem is that we identify ourselves completely with the character that is really only been ‘dreamed up’.

If everything is an illusion and can be seen as a dream, then we ourselves are also an illusion and dream in our present form. Because of this we are a character in this ‘waking’ dream. We realize this only when we wake up. As in our nighttime dreams, everything that seems to be happening to us right here and now is not really happening to us, because we are not really this that we think we are.

In other words:

Everything — you, me, your life, my life, the world, the universe — all seems very real and tangible, but this proves in no way that it is true.

This realization cannot be compared to the ability to come up with it, or to the ability to underpin it rationally or prove it scientifically, it goes beyond the limited knowledge that our brain can handle.

It is knowing without the actual knowing, it is wisdom rather than knowledge.

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